Roberts Bows
Traditional High Quality Handmade Bows of distinction

The English Longbow is a superb design - fast, smooth to draw and accurate. All my longbows come with a horn arrow pass, horn nocks with stringer grooves as standard, leather handle and a quality Flemish twisted fastflight string.
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Self English Longbow

Made from native timbers such as Elm, Hazel, Hornbeam and Ash. Whilst Yew was the wood commonly used for Medieval Warbows, these native hardwoods can make excellent longbows when designed correctly

From £250
Triple Laminate ELB

As above - with the addition of a complementary lanination.

From £270
Please call to discuss the possible combination of woods for your specific bows.
Triple Laminate Longbow Dual Laminate Longbow Self English Longbow Quad Laminate Longbow
Dual Laminate ELB

I use a wide variety of woods for the bellies on these bows from dense tropical hardwoods to native hardwoods. These bows can be backed with either hickory or bamboo.

From £235
Quad Laminate ELB with tapered Core

The Addition of a tapered core is especially pleasing to the eye and can be used to increase performance somewhat. As above these bows can be made with a wide variety of woods - please contact me to discuss possible combinations.

From £325
Heavy draw-weight longbows tillered to bend "Full Compass". Typically in weights of 100lb's plus. Warbows require flawless premium wood and faultless tillering skills to produce a weapon with not only heavy draw weight, but also high performance.

Please phone to discuss possible wood combinations and draw weights.

From £500
Takedown Option:

All bows can be made as 'Takedowns'. Please add £60 for this option and mention when ordering.
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